• In your organization, do you underestimate the value of culture compared to strategy? 

  • Does your team know how to communicate online with customers and team members in engaging and effective ways?

  • Is your project stalling because leaders are afraid to make decisions or a stakeholder is being allowed to control simply by being the most afraid of change?

  • Are you in denial about what's really going on at work?

  • When is the last time you asked your team how you are doing as a leader?


    I have over 25 years of organizational experience with successful, Fortune 500 and smaller organizations that inspired excellence in their staff and enjoyed fruitful benefits. I have also worked with some that experienced the following:


  • Went through bankruptcy

  • Were acquired

  • Went out of business

  • Grew too much too fast

Denver EMDR therapist couples counseling

In my workshops, lunch-and-learns, and individual leadership coaching, I share what I have learned based on my experience and evidence-based research in organizational psychology and counseling. Trainings apply Agile and Lean methodologies. The result is improved leadership competency, which translates to increased productivity.  Some of the topics include the following.


Leadership Coaching

Learn about:

  • Networking

  • Negotiating

  • Mentee/Mentor Relationships

  • Risk

  • Communication

  • Values/Ethics

Working from Home

How to set up your home office space to appear professional online

How to engage with customers and team members through a camera and microphone

How to manage work-life balance when both are in the same space


Vulnerability in the Workplace

How does vulnerability belong in the workplace?

Getting into the ring vs. sitting in the cheap seats

How vulnerability demonstrates leadership and facilitates innovation


Stress Management

Identifying common stress escalation triggers – what do you believe about yourself in the situation?

Brain/body calming techniques

Knowing when it healthy to say “no”


Dealing with Layoffs, Mergers, and Acquisitions

How to cope with something you feel is happening to you rather than by choice

The psychology of change

Empathizing with those around you


Learned Optimism

The signs of learned helplessness

Do you take it personally?

Behaving your way to optimism and better performance