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Codependence and Substance Use Disorder
Two Sides of the Same Coin 

Have you heard the saying, "Where there is no enabling, there is no addiction?" While that might be may feel like a bold statement, it makes the point that, unconsciously, people who struggle with codependency often find themselves in relationships with people who struggle with substances or other compulsions as a maladaptive coping mechanism. Both avoid deeper emotions but in ways that, while complimentary to each other, are equally destructive. 


People suffering with codependence often feel uncomfortable with focusing on themselves and giving themselves permission for their feelings to matter. They feel motivated by guilt to enable unhealthy behavior in others, then resentment themselves and/or others later. If this feels like a fit, I can help.

I have received specialized codependence recovery training from The Meadows treatment facility in Arizona, which focuses on Pia Mellody's methods.

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Substance Use Disorder

Substance abuse or addiction does not start as the problem; rather, it starts as a solution to some other problem such as avoiding difficult emotions. Once it becomes embedded psychologically and physically, it can be very difficult to gain control of it without help. 

When you meet with me for this kind of help, we first assess the appropriate level of care for the severity of dependence. If individual therapy is appropriate, we work to understand what made it make sense to start. We look for ways to get those needs met in healthier ways.

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