Below are articles written by Camille. These are not intended to be a substitute for therapy, but to provide information and tips about topics that lead people to seek therapy, and to provide a sense of Camille's therapeutic style.

Domestic Violence

Do you owe someone an apology? This article helps to define a gracious, heart-felt apology - not just, "I'm sorry you feel that way."

Some people misunderstand domestic violence as only being hit. However, there are many controlling behaviors that are part of domestic violence.

The First Few Minutes

Research shows that the first few minutes of an exchange significantly impact the remainder of the exchange. Whether coming home from work and transitioning to home life for the evening, or having an argument, the first few minutes count.

Holidays with Family

Forgiveness can be a big part of healing. It doesn't mean you give someone a pass for what hurt they participated in; it means you refuse to be locked in an emotional cage with them any longer.

Sometimes social contracts dictate we spend holidays with people we'd rather not see.  Read some tips on how to deal with difficult family at the holidays.

Office Affairs
Partnership Gridlock

Sexual affairs often begin as emotional affairs. People we work with are frequently in close proximity, making them an increased risk for affair targets when a couple is vulnerable to illegitimate responses to what may have start with legitimate concerns. 

If an issue your partnership is in a gridlock and never seems to reach resolution, this article is for you.

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